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Need help to cover the cost of living?

As we are all aware the Covid-19 pandemic has hit some worse than others, most notably those who are already suffering the effects of austerity and poverty. From our work we have seen how those with the least are charged the most, from electric meters to smaller packets of food – unless you have the capital to purchase in bulk or pay up front you are penalised by paying at a high rate.

There is help though and we’d like to see you get as much of it as possible to be able to get out of this vicious cycle. We can help you access support if you are struggling to do this yourself for whatever reason.

Gas, Electric and Food – Contact Leicester City Council if you have no money for gas, electricity or food. Email with your name and phone number for a callback.

Financial Support – To borrow safely, contact Clockwise Credit Union at or call 0116 242 3900

Warm Homes Fund – Warm Homes Fund with Leicester City Council partners E.ON, are installing first-time gas central heating for free. If you’re a Leicester homeowner or private tenant relying on poorly performing electric or solid fuel heating, this scheme provides a free gas mains connection if you need it, plus a free gas boiler and radiators. Apply online

Charity Link – this organisation can provide personalised help for a variety of needs specific to you and your circumstances. Please contact us at Woodgate Community Food and we can refer you to access multiple organisations. Examples of some essential items they can help with:

  • White goods
  • Beds
  • Clothing & school uniforms
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

    Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, what is essential for you may not be listed, but could be funded as each case is considered on a personal basis. For example: A boy was given vouchers for his football boots so he could continue training.

Just call the Woodgate Community team on 0116 403 0146 and one of volunteers will go through the process with you.